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Thank you, Church Family, for another great semester of HTI. We hope you were blessed and encouraged by the teaching of God's truths.

Spring 2019 semester will begin on Wednesday, February 6th.



The Henderson Training Institute (HTI) is one of the more critical ministries in the life of our church. We believe sound, biblical doctrine lies at the very heart of all God calls us to be and all God calls us to do - both individually as Christians, and corporately as a local church. Therefore, we offer a variety of courses each semester, all aimed at equipping the church with a soundly biblical, holistic view of the Christian life.

Furthermore, because we recognize that mere knowledge is not an end in itself, we seek in every class to call our students to be both hearers and ?doers? of the Word (James 1:22). Our final aim in HTI is to "equip the saints to do the work of ministry?" (Ephesians 4:11?-12).

Course Instructors

The courses will be taught by elders, pastors, and other leaders within our church body who are equipped to teach a particular subject. 

Enrollment Fees and Books

There is no enrollment fee for the classes offered through the HTI. 

Typically, courses will be based on books which may be purchased from any bookstore including the Henderson Hills bookstore, By THE Book. Prices will vary. Students are not required to purchase the materials but may choose to do so for their own benefit. We suggest that participants purchase books ahead of time in preparation for the first day of class.

On Returning to Class

We realize that many have not been in a scholastic setting in a long time and may feel some amount of fear and doubt about participating in classes offered through an ?institute.? However, we will have men and women from all walks of life, levels of spiritual experience, and educational backgrounds in each of the courses offered. This training will be taught in a manner that is encouraging for everyone and not intended only for those who are academically inclined.


If you have any questions about Henderson Training Institute,
contact Kevin.